What is Local SEO and how can it help your business?

Every business enterprise has the potential to expand its reach to its targeted audience and to attract more users with the help of local search engine optimization strategies. This article will take you on a trip of understanding what local SEO is all about and how its strategies can help your business marketing policies in enhancing their online visibility.

As an owner or a business enterprise, you have to ask yourself important questions before you start running your business or expanding it. The question – what is going to be essential to make sure that your business and its unique brand is displayed adequately to your prospective customers? It is crucial to connect with local prospects in your niche market. It is a well known fact today that more than 70% of all your customers own a smart phone. It is safe to assume that no one is interested in browsing through the yellow pages today. Even people who are retired are quickly adopting themselves to the use of a smart phone. Mobile technology is advancing at an alarmingly rapid rate. With the level of smart phones usage on the up, it is not at all wise to stay behind in the race of making the presence of your business felt as four out of five customers use a search engine such as Google to find out everything about local business information. They search on their smart phones for business phone numbers, addresses, availability of products and services and directions of how to get to that business outlet. The search engine of Google is responsible today for more than 75% of the search volumes.

What is the scope of local SEO?

Local SEO is the only effective way to market online. Its strategies help in promoting your business and its products and services to all the local customers at the precise time that they need them. Local SEO uses several strategies to get your business website ranked on important search engines such as Google and key business directories such as Yellow Book, Four Square, Super pages and Yelp. Business web pages like Bing Places for Business and Google My Business Listing help in displaying your localized content along with online reviews and feedbacks from your customers.

Millions of people are using local search engines every day to find local businesses in their localities. You will be able to help increase the chances of getting found by such potential customers. It is wiser to start working and collaborating with a local SEO company and there are many such companies to help you out, today.

With local search engine optimization, you will be able to avail of services from professionals who know how to target your online approach for marketing your products and services locally. These strategies are much different from dropping brochures in front of people’s front porch or their entrance doors. They are also different from paying for advertisements in local newspapers that may or may not be observed by your potential customers who are keenly interested in both your products and your services that you offer. Local SEO companies will allow your business to position itself on important search engines and digital marketing platforms so that whatever you market will be visible to your potential customers and on their terms.

What are the key Local SEO services?

  • Localization – When you localize your business website, it means that you include and concentrate on your city, your county and region/state throughout the web pages’ content displayed on your site. For business enterprises that have varied locations, this involves creation of separate pages for each individual location and all other local strategies for displaying content such as getting involved with community and local events and featuring information or blogs/articles on your website.
  • Building citation – This strategy makes sure that your website will get featured on citation sites and business directories online. This will help all your customers in finding your business outlets and locations and featuring your company’s name, address and phone numbers on these citation sites will help enhance the search rankings.
  • Claiming listing on Google My Business – Claiming a listing on GMB is a crucial step in helping your business to display content on key Google services like local search, Maps and the Google+ pages. GMB and its equivalent on Microsoft – Bing Places for Business have to take precedence over all other directories for local SEO.
  • Obtaining quality back links – When you obtain back links in a natural way from reputed websites, it helps the search engines in recognizing your website as a source of information that can be trusted upon. When you have links from bloggers and local newspapers and business associations and citations, it will help improve the search visibility for your website.

How can Local SEO really help attract prospective customers for your business?

Local customers always turn towards the internet when they are trying to find specific local businesses. They manage that through their desktop computers, laptops or smart phones. Very few people bank on searching for local business listings in yellow pages of printed phone books. A survey was done by Business2community and Search Engine Land which reported that 95% of personal computer owners go through local searches on the internet, 45% of all searches on Google are local based; 65% of all local customers use directories and search engines as their main mediums to search for local business listings and 50% of all local smart phone searchers are looking for business information such a company’s phone number or address to conclude in offline purchases.

There is hardly any doubt that local search engine optimization and marketing are timely and highly targeted. The main purpose behind a local search is to locate specific businesses. The next big reason is to find niche products and services. By using local search strategies, companies can position their marketing profile better and then promote whatever they are offering to the local customers when they are searching for the business your company specializes in. The timing is everything in proper marketing. There is no better time than the one you have while connecting with your potential customers when they are really looking for you and your products. This signifies instant success through sales conversions.

How is Local SEO a great return on your investment?

Unlike conventional advertising mediums like leaflets, newspapers and direct mail, there is very little exposure that is actually wasted in the case of local SEO. This strategy helps you in reaching your potential customers when they specifically need you and not when they are casually looking for something that you may be selling. This is what makes local search engine optimization both cost-effective and efficient.

It has to be remembered that opportunities provided by local SEO are mostly free, for now. Your company can claim free listing on Bing Places for Business and Google My Business and on various other business directories, online. This is entirely free promotion for your products and services. As per many local consumer review surveys that have been completed, more than 80% of local consumers have full trust on online business reviews. Word of mouth also becomes a crucial factor in giving local businesses a shot at success. You can also enhance the online reputation of your company by asking trusted customers to leave positive reviews about your products and services, online so that they help you attract hundreds of other new customers.

If your business enterprise is not found on the internet and in local listings for people to look for information about all kinds of products and services they are searching for, you are certainly going to miss out on a lot of new customers. When you implement various local SEO strategies through professional companies, you can help your business to get displayed on the internet map for all future customers to get to know your enterprise. So, help your business grow by smart use of local SEO.

The local search trends are always strong nowadays and they will get stronger and take on more significance in the near future. It is the right time now for you as a business marketer to take advantage of your local SEO services professionally and have your business marketing boosted enough to stay ahead of your competitors. Regardless of what business you are in, local business from builders to carpenters and from plumbers to florists can all enhance their business and make lot of money through smart local SEO policies. By using the local search engine optimization at the right time, you can position your business and its marketing in a better way and at the time when local customers are looking for your kinds of products and services. These days, people are relying on search engines such as Google to seek information about all types of services and products they need. Go ahead and utilize local SEO strategies. What are you waiting for?!

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